About Corner Store

Harry’s Corner Store…because connoisseurs need convenience, too.Located directly on Gulf of Mexico Drive’s 5600 Block, Harry’s Corner Store is easy access to all your last minute needs. Beach gear, drinks, grab and go foods, fresh produce, milk, a large selection of wines and beer and all of your convenience store basics. Now you don’t have to drive down the whole island.

  • ATM
  • All Occasion Greeting Cards
  • Beer & Wine
  • Cold Sodas
  • Groceries
  • Fresh Produce
  • Sandwiches & Hot Lunches
  • Ice Cream
  • Baby & Pet Supplies
  • Frozen Bait & Fishing Gear
  • Beach & Party Supplies
  • Sunglasses
  • Lottery
  • Tobacco
  • Household & Automotive
  • Water & Ice, even have the cooler
  • Plus So Much More

  And for the days you just don’t feel like driving or just don’t have the time to pick up your grocery goods. Give us a call 941.383.0777 or email info@harrykitchen.com. we’ll deliver them for you! Just click below for our basic grocery list or make your own.

Corner Store Grocery List

Harry’s we’ve got you covered.



I just wanted to say how much our family of four, plus my mother-in-law and her husband enjoyed our Christmas dinner.  Since discovering your dinner in 2009 when we first visited at Christmas time, this was the fourth time we have ordered it and we have been thoroughly enjoying a delicious meal – home-made taste, and enough for some left-overs which are always an important part of the experience!  Thanks again for the excellent food and service.

Doug M.